• Top This!

    When I opened the store last year I started with one cake topper from Belle & Union Co. - the perfect, good for every occasion, Adventure Awaits (inspired by one of my favorite cards!) and you guys seemed to love it

    So now I am carrying the full line of cake toppers - so there is something here for every occasion!  

  • Earrings Galore


    I have always tried to have a good mix of high and low price point items and this year as I was shopping at NYNOW, I found both the most expensive, and least expensive, earrings I've carried in the shop.

    The most expensive are still to come (holiday present alert!) but the least expensive are also super amazingly awesome.

    Lightweight - laser cut from wood - and fun - motifs from pizza to zombies - these are the perfect piece to add a little life to any outfit.

    Find them all here, and happy shopping!



  • New Designer Alert!

    Hammerpress Cards


    I need another stationery line like I need a hole in the head, but I found I could not resist the wonderful letterpress designs of Hammerpress.  I hope you love their amazing cards as much as I do, and get addicted to the die-cut shield shape (that I couldn't help but order a million of)

    Find them in the shop here


  • New Cards!!

    Coming out of NYNOW, I knew that I would have some new additions to the shop - and the first batch arrived today!  So excited to add these new Emily McDowell cards to the store.  All of her designs are funny and charming (and sometimes a little bit snarky, which is always the best way to be in my opinion.)

    I hope you love them as much as I do!  

  • Rifle Paper Calendars!

    I, along with everyone else in the paper loving universe, have long been a fan of Anna Bond and her beautiful illustrations for Rifle Paper Company.
    In fact, I have been following Anna's career since she was only doing custom wedding invitations (and I owned a wedding planning business).  Gorgeous pieces like this:
    And since she has moved from wedding invitations to the domination of the stationery world, I have thought about carrying her cards at Plumfield. 
    So this NYNOW I finally pulled the trigger!   When the cards come in, I will be sure to share them, but the most important thing to show off now is that starting in October I will have two of her beautiful calendars!
    These calendars, with their perfectly framable images, are always quick to sell out but I managed to snag two versions for Plumfield.  So, I am taking pre-orders now for the Constellations and Bon Voyage calendars.  
    See more details in the shop, but check out these beauties:

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