• Pin-Pin-Pourri Oct. 23rd, 2015

    Plumfield Pinterest Collage
    This week's favorites on Pinterest (clockwise from top left)
    1. Cheers card  - so bright and cheerful, and I am girl that cannot resist gold foil.
    2. Bracelet by Raymond Yazzie.  I saw an exhibition of his jewelry at the National Museum of the American Indian and was blown away by the craftmanship and artistic detail.  It is on my unrealistic wish list for sure!
    3. Lamp by Kate Spade - KS launched their home collection this week and this charming lamp in the seafoam/teal color way is my favorite.  Just the perfect punch that a room needs.
    4.  Pun-kins by Studio DIY.  These are hilarious and she has the instructions on how to make them up on her blog!
  • Big Thanks

    Plumfield is a small little venture run out of my apartment for now, so it has been an accomplishment getting some of the designers to agree to let me carry their items.  I wanted to give a special shout out to a couple of the vendors that made exceptions for this project of mine.

    I found Bare Branch Jewelry when searching for makers in the South.   

    I am the first store that she has been carried in (though I am sure not the last) and I am so delighted that she trusted me to sell her pieces.  I love all the moon designs - and she is working on new things all the time!  

    These are so easy to wear and she makes them all by hand at home in Alabama.

    I am picky when it comes to children's items because I don't have kids, or know that many people who do, so baby and kids gifts are one of the few things I am taking a risk on.  If the shop goes bust - I will still send cards and wear jewelry and give everyone nice Christmas presents of art.  But I don't have kids - so anything I order for that part of the site has to be super awesome.  



    I was drawn to Uncle Goose when I was looking for Made in America items that also had a cool design factor.  I found them through House Industries, a type foundry (aka a place to get fonts) when they did a few collaborations.  My personal favorite are the Love blocks, because beyond just being a child's plaything, they are a perfect present for anyone you adore and look great on a shelf or desk - perfect for an office when you can move the blocks around to form "Love" in 12 languages: English, Hebrew, French, Swedish, German, Arabic, Greek, Spanish, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, Korean.

    Uncle Goose doesn't normally let online-only retailers carry their items, but I met Mandy, their wholesale director, at NYNOW and she made an exception for me!

    Sapling Press, whose cards make me laugh out loud, also did a custom card for me.  They have made this "Someone in _______ (city) Loves You"  cards for various retailers, but because Plumfield is online and will have people shopping from all over, it didn't make sense to me.  Until I thought about my target client and realized that the answer might be even closer to home - so the "Someone in This Apartment Loves You" card was born.  The best part - inside the card reads "It's Me"    Love it.

    Thanks to all the makers who have joined the Plumfield roster, and I am delighted to carry them all!

  • Welcome to Plumfield

    I have always loved being surrounded by wonderful things.  Not necessarily expensive (some of my favorite things cost less than a night out) but meaningful and lovely.  

     I followed the desire for beautiful and clever things from flea market to craft fair, through twists and turns of Etsy, to the doorsteps of my friends who are amazing makers.  To that group I added designers I admire, whose products I couldn't resist from their instagram feeds or trade show booths.  Now they are all here - waiting for you to scoop them up.

    I appreciate it when someone asks "Where did you get that?" and though it is tempting to keep all these wonderful things for myself - I wanted to let more people in on these great makers and designers and help you find your new favorite thing.

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