• Big Thanks

    Plumfield is a small little venture run out of my apartment for now, so it has been an accomplishment getting some of the designers to agree to let me carry their items.  I wanted to give a special shout out to a couple of the vendors that made exceptions for this project of mine.

    I found Bare Branch Jewelry when searching for makers in the South.   

    I am the first store that she has been carried in (though I am sure not the last) and I am so delighted that she trusted me to sell her pieces.  I love all the moon designs - and she is working on new things all the time!  

    These are so easy to wear and she makes them all by hand at home in Alabama.

    I am picky when it comes to children's items because I don't have kids, or know that many people who do, so baby and kids gifts are one of the few things I am taking a risk on.  If the shop goes bust - I will still send cards and wear jewelry and give everyone nice Christmas presents of art.  But I don't have kids - so anything I order for that part of the site has to be super awesome.  



    I was drawn to Uncle Goose when I was looking for Made in America items that also had a cool design factor.  I found them through House Industries, a type foundry (aka a place to get fonts) when they did a few collaborations.  My personal favorite are the Love blocks, because beyond just being a child's plaything, they are a perfect present for anyone you adore and look great on a shelf or desk - perfect for an office when you can move the blocks around to form "Love" in 12 languages: English, Hebrew, French, Swedish, German, Arabic, Greek, Spanish, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, Korean.

    Uncle Goose doesn't normally let online-only retailers carry their items, but I met Mandy, their wholesale director, at NYNOW and she made an exception for me!

    Sapling Press, whose cards make me laugh out loud, also did a custom card for me.  They have made this "Someone in _______ (city) Loves You"  cards for various retailers, but because Plumfield is online and will have people shopping from all over, it didn't make sense to me.  Until I thought about my target client and realized that the answer might be even closer to home - so the "Someone in This Apartment Loves You" card was born.  The best part - inside the card reads "It's Me"    Love it.

    Thanks to all the makers who have joined the Plumfield roster, and I am delighted to carry them all!

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