• Dominos!


    There are very few things I remember from my childhood, but one of the strongest memories I have of my Dad's family is playing with my Grandpa's red dominos on his dining room table in Houston, TX.  

    Dominos are cool to the touch, and fun to slide around on the slick tabletop, but these were special because they were red.  I had never seen red dominos before (or since) and I just thought they were the coolest thing when I was a kid.  As I grew up and grew out of going to see my grandparents very often, I forgot about the dominos.  But when we moved them in to an assisted living home a couple of years ago, I was delighted to see the dominos again, in a pride of place above the TV, where my Grandpa Jim would watch "Bonanza" and other westerns - or as he liked to called them, his "Rope Operas"

    When he passed away, I knew that I wanted the red dominos to live with me, and I shall play with them again, but for now they look really good on my bookshelf at home.   Also as photo props with pretty prints in the shop.  Mostly I was just hunting for something red to photograph with them.

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