• Alabama Love

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    There are two states near and dear to my heart - New York, because I consider it home now, and North Carolina, because it is where I grew up.  

    The third state that I have some love for is Alabama.  Alabama is where my best friend lives, and where I lived for a little while during a particularly rough time in my life.  I had an idea in my head about what Alabama would be like (I am from the South after all, so a Redneck stereotype is not foreign to me) but it was not what I expected.  Though so much of it was because of the company I was keeping, I found Alabama full of promise, appreciation for the arts, and a bunch of nerds - my favorite!

    So I was thinking about Alabama when I picked some items for the shop.  Huntsville, AL is known as Rocket City and so some rockets had to make it in!

    Lunar Rocket Blocks


    And where does one go in an Alabama-made rocket?  Through atmosphere and space


    Screenprint Posters


    To the moon, of course!

    Moon Necklace


    So I snuck a few things into Plumfield that reminded me of Alabama (and some made in Alabama, like the necklace!) but you don't have to live there to enjoy them.   And while I hope to get back there soon, until I do, I will just enjoy these lovely pieces.  You can too - no matter where you live!

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