Rose Water

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Rose Water
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Pure Rosewater is toning and soothing. Distilled in Morocco’s Valley of Roses, our refreshing organic spray is rich with antioxidants helping tired skin gain a more youthful appearance. Keep it in your tote for when you need a refreshing pick-me-up.

Ingredients: 100% pure distilled Rosa Damascena. Certified ECOCERT & Fairtrade.

4 oz. glass bottle with spray top.


Check out some helpful tips from this article in Elle Magazine


Rose water can calm your skin

“The most important skin benefits of rose water are its anti-inflammatory effects, and its antioxidant effects on free radical damage,” explains Dr. Chwalek. If you suffer from acne or rosacea and are searching for a natural treatment, rose water could help.

Rose water can be used as a mouthwash alternative

Rose water has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory abilities that work to cleanse the mouth. Chwalek points to a study in which herbal mouthwash with rose water extract reduced pain and ulcers in patients suffering from aphthous stomatitis, or canker sores.

Rose water can be added to your bath

You don't have to be Egyptian royalty to drizzle a few drops into a steamy tub. “A few drops of rose water or oil will leave your skin feeling soft and smelling great,” says Chwalek.

Rose water can be used in the kitchen

“You can cook with rose water!” says Chwalek. The extract is traditional in Middle Eastern food like lamb stew, rice pudding, and salads. It's also not bad in cocktails. Eater put together a comprehensive list of places (with recipes!) to try rosy libations. Cheers!

Rose water can (and should!) be added to your laundry

Chwalek recently traveled to India and shared an incredible laundry tip from her experience. “In India, the laundry service would iron my clothes with rose water,” she recalled. “I loved it, all of my clothing would come back smelling of roses.” A few drops alongside an unscented detergent would work, too. Or when you do press your clothes, add it into the water chamber of the iron.

Rose water can be used in DIY face masks

Because of elixir's healing properties, it's ideal for calming irritated skin. Here's Chwalek's secret recipe: “Mix chickpea flour with sandalwood powder, tumeric, and rose water for the perfect mask. If you want to make an astringent, mix apple cider vinegar with a few drops of rose water."

Rose water can be added to your hair

“You can also mix a few drops of rose water in with your shampoo or conditioner to help hydrate your hair,” says Chwalek. On top of the hydration, your hair will smell like Valentine's Day, but like, in a good way.

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